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What people are saying about The Consul of Bordeaux:

"(We)....went to see this film last night and it was an amazing experience..... It tells the story of a Portuguese Consul who saved 30,000 Jews. It's not a documentary but a retelling of a true story in movie form (like Schindler's List). It is a difficult and challenging film because it describes our present situation with the flood of immigrants coming into Europe. Yet it is full of hope for the goodness and compassion that truly exists in this world..."



"This is a piece of Jewish history of which I was entirely unaware. What a moving and inspiring story! The few heroes in the holocaust, the few righteous who, at risk to themselves, saved one Jew or many, must not be unknown or forgotten. We all have the duty to protect the objects of hatred, even today, and I feel that this film will make me braver in carrying out that obligation. I am truly grateful for this film,.."


"Very moved at the presentation of the extraordinary film The Consul of Bordeaux. This depiction of the astounding compassion of Aristides de Sousa Mendes, in risking his position and pension by saving 30,000 people from the Nazi Regime, and in the face of the brutal Salazar regime in a selfless act of humanity, demands widespread viewing."



"I am so pleased. When I told people about the film everyone has my reaction - I never knew about that. I have friends who are Jewish, friends who like film - should be of interest to both groups. Also those interested in Portugal, history, courage, goodness. It is a great story."



"We thought the film was so moving and compelling-it's such a beautifully told story that gives us all hope in a time (now) when there seems to be so little of"