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Cablecast of Working the Boats: Masters of the Craft


Cox Channel 18
Verizon Channel 38

PART 1 - April 8 & 10

Episode One: Community talks about the relationship between the workers of Local 1329 and the community.

Episode Two: Craft This segment explores the skills required to work on the waterfront and how the work has changed over the years.

PART 2 - April 15 & 17

Episode Three: Dangers - The waterfront is a dangerous place. Many of the interviewees talk about the injuries they have suffered and the accidents they've witnessed in this segment.

Episode Four: Union - Safety, proper compensation, seniority and many other benefits the workers of the waterfront now enjoy were fought for by the previous generations through the union. The workers contemplate the future and wonder who will take on the fight now that many of them are on the verge of retirement.

PART 3 - April 22 & 24

Episode Five: The Women - The longshoremen’s wives and daughters talk about their life and role within the community and the waterfront.

Episode Six: Generations - Several generations of families have made their lives on the waterfront. With each generation, new challenges arise and conflicts between the new and the old emerge.


Cox Channel 13
Verizon Channel 32
PART 1 – April 11
PART 2 – April 18
PART 3 – April 25