Home is where your heart is, not a specific zip code or a geographical location. Being Cape Verdean is a state of mind. Anywhere there is a port or where sea touches land, there is a Cape Verdean. We are a people of the horizon, and anywhere the sun touches our face is who we are. We are you, you are us, we are local and global citizens. 

Dr. Claire Andrade-Watkins, a 2nd generation born Cape Verdean American, is an award-winning historian and filmmaker. She is Professor of Africana and Postcolonial Media Studies at the Institute for Liberal Arts & Interdisciplinary Studies at Emerson College; a Visiting Scholar at the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice at Brown University; and a Fellow a the Swearer Center  for Public Service at Brown University. A 1995  Fulbright Scholar, her scholarship focuses on French and Portuguese-speaking African cinema.  She has published in Society for Visual Anthropology, Research in African Literature, The Independent Film and Video Monthly, American Historical Review, and CinémAction. Her essays on Ousmane Sembene and his work have appeared in Ousmane Sembene: Dialogue with Critics and Writers and Un viatique pour l’éternité : Hommage à Ousmane Sembène. Her first feature film, Some Kind of Funny Porto Rican?”: A Cape Verdean American Story was released in 2006 and her work has aired on WGBH-TV, WSBE TV, Rhode Island PBS, cable cast on  P.E.G.-TV RI, and leading festivals  of Africana Diaspora in the USA, Europe and Africa. She has additionally received several competitively funded grants from foundations such as; the  LEF Foundation,  Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities,  and a Massachusetts Cultural Council  Artist Fellowship.