Nantucket Strolls: Forgotten Byways is a homegrown Nantucket documentary told by Nantucketers about stories, large and small, remembered or forgotten about the communities of color on Nantucket. The task to save, preserve and record of the history and landmarks of those communities has been spearheaded by two Nantucket residents- Augusto C. Ramos, a retired successful Cape Verdean businessman, and elder of the Cape Verdean community and Dr. Frances Ruley Karttunen, a linguist and ethno-historian and a descended Nantucketer. Over the last half dozen years “Augie” and “Fran”, as this formidable duo is known, have worked together on numerous projects to create permanent public recognition of people of color (African Americans, Cape Verdeans, Wampanoags, and Pacific Islanders) who have resided and continue to reside on Nantucket Island.